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Navigating your world smoothly and efficiently largely depends on the quality of your wheelchair tires. They're not just about comfort; the right tires can drastically improve your chair's maneuverability, making it easier to traverse different environments. Spinergy is the a leader when it comes to wheels and tires and we offer only the highest-quality wheelchair tires. Browse our wheelchair tire collection to find tires that complement your lifestyle.

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Kenda Nevegal

  • Excellent outdoor wheel set-up
  • Interchangeable with normal street wheels
  • Rugged tread pattern for all conditions (loose, hard pack, wet surfaces)
  • Puncture protection with "Iron Cap"

Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution

  • Best for puncture protection
  • Constructed with eco-friendly natural rubber
  • Reliable and active performance
  • Prevents penetration punctures without compromising flexibility
  • Uses "Smart Guard" belt technology for tire flexibility
  • Deep tread pattern for superior performance on varied rolling surfaces

Schwalbe RightRun

  • Smooth rolling tire for everyday use
  • Affordable option
  • Non-marking compound for floors
  • Grip sidewalls for added traction
  • Uses "Smart Guard" belt technology for tire flexibility
  • Two-color compound for originality

IRC Exeracer

  • Best for high-tech
  • Long-lasting grip
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Anti-bacterial silica-mix compound

IRC Exeracer Pro

  • Ideal for sports wheels
  • Reliable grip
  • Smooth tread
  • Perfect for athletes

Pr1mo Sentinel HD Solid

  • Great for street use
  • Low maintenance
  • Comfortable wheel roll
  • Ideal choice for those who prefer solid tires