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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question can't be answered with the questions below, please reach out to us using our Contact Us page.

What is your warranty?
Spinergy wheel products are warranted for 2 years from date of purchase against manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship. Please see our limited warranty in owners manual for more information.
Is there a special magnet for pbo spokes?
When buying your magnet, specify that you need one that will fit over-sized spokes.
Are your wheels compatible with Campagnolo, Sram and shimano?
Yes, the freehub body can be swapped to either, without having to redish wheel.
Are your wheels 11 speed compatible?
Our wheels come standard 11 speed compatible. If you purchased your wheels before 2014, you will require a new freehub body. MTB wheels come standard 9/10 speed compatible, but can be converted to Sram XD-11 speed by swapping out the freehub body.
What is proper spoke tension?
Due to the flexibility of PBO spokes, they may feel under tensioned when compared to a rigid steel spoke. If you tension PBO spokes to the point where they may feel like steel spokes, you will have over-tightened the spoke and risk damaging rim. Increasing spoke tension beyond factory values will not improve performance or durability of the wheel. We recommend that you use a Park Tm-1 tension gauge to adjust spoke tension only if tension is below factory values, which may be found in your owner’s manual.
How do I true my wheel?
Use the provided nut driver to turn the nipple, which is only accessed under the rim tape after removing the tires. Use Spinergy spline tool to hold spoke stationary. Do not allow spoke to rotate while tensioning nipple. Failure to hold the spoke stationary while turning the nipple will cause wind up and twisting of the spoke and may permanently damage your wheels. If replacing a spoke, Loctite 248 should be applied to the spoke threads prior to assembly with the nipple.
What brake pads do you recommend for full carbon wheels?
We recommend you use the Corima red carbon-specific brake pads for Spinergy Stealth FCC 2016 and older. For the Stealth FCC 3.2 and 4.7, we recommend SwissStop Black Prince, Blue carbon pads.  Using any other pad on full carbon rims may damage your rim.
What length presta valve should I use on carbon wheels?
Carbon road wheels require 60mm presta valve stem. If a shorter presta valve is used, it will require a valve extender.
Do you have a rider weight limit?
Due to the strength, durability, and weight distribution PBO spokes provide we do not have a weight limit on wheels.
Are your wheels tubeless compatible?
All our bicycle wheels can be setup as tubeless using Stans yellow tape or similar products. Manufacturer’s instructions should always be followed when installing. Do not exceed manufacturer’s tire pressure recommendation as it can lead to serious injury.
How do I send my wheels back for warranty evaluation?

To obtain a return authorization (RA) number, please be ready to supply the following information to our service department: -

  • Copy of original receipt (if wanting work covered under warranty)
  • Name, phone number, email
  • Return shipping address
  • Product name and problem with wheel

When packing the wheel, clearly place RA# on outside of box. Remove cassette, tires, tubes, wheel magnets, rim tape, and skewers before sending in for service. Failure to comply with the above mentioned guidelines can result in significant delays or a “return to sender”. Typical turnaround time is 5-14 days, once wheel has been received at our facility.

Do you offer a trade-in for older wheels?
Yes we do, it is called our “no fault replacement,” or NFR program. The Spinergy NFR program will give you a discount of any set of current Spinergy wheels. For more program details please contact