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When will the ZX-1 be available?

The ZX-1 Power Add-On is currently available for sale in the US and Internationally.


Where do I get a ZX-1?

We have a network of authorized Spinergy dealers including nationwide dealers and international distributors who currently sell the ZX-1. Additionally, US Veterans may get a ZX-1 through their VAMC. Please visit our dealer map to find a dealer nearest you.


Consult your Doctor, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Assistive Technology Professional or Wheelchair Seating Clinician if your insurance company requires a Letter of Medical Necessity. When ordering a new manual wheelchair, it is advisable to order the ZX-1 in conjunction.


How much does it cost?

$9,995 MSRP.


What is the Medicare Code for reimbursement?

K0108 – Miscellaneous. Reimbursement is established from the full MSRP $9,995, instead of a predetermined maximum.


Is the ZX-1 covered by Private Insurance?

The ZX-1 has been covered for reimbursement by most private health insurance carriers. You will need to check with your doctor and insurance provider to determine eligibility.


What wheelchairs are compatible with the ZX-1 Power Add-On?

Most manual rigid wheelchairs with a camber tube are compatible with the ZX-1.

Fits wheel diameters of 24”, 25”, 26” (540 mm., 559 mm., 590mm.)

Fits 14”– 20” seat widths.

Fits -2” to 5” center of gravity range.

Fits unobstructed straight camber tubes with diameters of 1” to 1.50”.


What is the Battery range/life?

Lead Gel Mat Range: 5 miles (8 km.) at top speed with a max load of 250 lbs. (113 kg.) weight. Depends on many variables. Life: 6 month warranty.


What is the ZX-1’s top speed?

The ZX-1 Power Add-On has a factory set speed of 3.5 mph (5.6 km/h).


How do I transport the ZX-1?

Vehicle lift or ramp. Harmar manufactures three different lift options. Spinergy offers an attachment clamp for the ZX-1 that is compatible with vehicle boom lifts. Spinergy also offers a specially designed travel case for storage/airline travel. All options are sold separately.


How do I get service/support?

Point of sale (local dealer) will offer product service if necessary.


To obtain a return authorization (RA) number, please be ready to supply the following information to our service department: -


Lifetime warranty on the frame to the original owner.

1 year on parts/components/electronics (excluding batteries). 6 months on Standard Lead Gel Mat Batteries per manufacturer’s warranty; 3 years on Lithium Batteries.

There is no warranty on tires or armrests.


Why does the ZX-1 include built-in anti-tilts?

Anti-tilts ensure the stability of the unit and improve the integrated performance with your chair.


What if my manual wheelchair has anti tip devices?

We recommend using anti-tip devices that are removable or that flip up out of the way so that they will not interfere with the clamping mechanism of the ZX-1.


What if my manual wheelchair has armrests on it?

We recommend replacing the armrests with a “T” Slot style armrest/sideguard that does not require a housing that is bolted onto the backside of the wheelchair frame.


What kind of terrain or obstacles can be cleared?

The ZX-1 can go over 2” (5 cm.) curbs/elevation changes. (Dependent on the wheelchair’s front caster size)Avoid driving through water of any depth.

Reasonable water exposure such as light rain is ok.

Compacted sand, gravel, or snow are acceptable on a case by case basis.

The ZX-1 drives well over grass to the capacity of the front caster wheels. The additional use of our ZX-1 off-road tires (sold separately) is recommended for best performance on uneven terrain.


What are the armrest options?

Customer can choose to order the ZX-1 with optional 4” (10 cm.) armrest extensions.


What is the size and weight of the shipping box?

The shipping box weight is 98 lbs (44.5 kg.) The size of the shipping box is 24”x24”x25” (61x61x63.5 cm) tall. 28”x25”x25” (71x63.5x63.5 cm) if on a pallet.


Do the tires take air?

Yes, 35 PSI for the Standard Tires and 40 PSI for the Off-Road Knobby Tires.


How long does the ZX-1 take to fully charge?

We recommend charging the ZX-1 overnight or a minimum of 4 to 6 hours if used daily.


How much does the ZX-1 weigh?

82 lbs. (37 kg.) with the Lead Gel Mat Batteries

75 lbs. (34 kg.) with the Lithium Batteries


Can I fly on an airplane with the ZX-1?

The ZX-1 is designed to be shipped in the cargo hold of an airplane. Ideally, it is best to ship the ZX-1 with the ZX-1 Travel Case to protect it from damage.

If the ZX-1 is equipped with Lead Gel Mat Batteries there are no actions necessary to ship it with a Domestic U.S Airline.

If the ZX-1 is equipped with Lithium Batteries, the Battery Cables need to be disconnected from the Battery Terminal and the Battery Terminals need to be covered(See Operators Manual).

We advise that our customers check with their designated airline company, because specific requirements may vary by airline and by the country being traveling to/from.