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ZX-1 Power Add-On

ZX-1 Power Add-On

Device History

The Development of the ZX-1 Power Add-On Device has taken place over a period of 5 years. The Design is patented in the US (Patent # 8,430,189) with International Patents Pending. After Extensive Testing both internally and at Outside Test Labs to the RESNA Standards, the Company received FDA Clearance to Market the ZX-1 as a Class II Medical Device in May of 2013.


Purpose of the Device

The Main purpose of the ZX-1 is to provide power assist to active users of manual wheelchairs. It is commonly known, that maintaining a strong upper body for a person in a wheelchair is vital to the patient’s ability to perform transfers and other movements for improved Quality of Life. This Device aids in this arena and can significantly reduce the affects of prolonged pushing and pushing a manual wheelchair over difficult surfaces like carpet, grass and hills. The ZX-1 is well suited for manual wheelchair users with a variety of Disabilities including but not limited to: Spinal Cord Injuries, Amputees, stroke victims, MS, MD, etc. The ZX-1 adjusts to the person’s manual chair and we do not require the ATP, PT or OT to change the seating configuration on the person’s manual chair for the ZX-1 to operate.


Features and Benefits

The ZX-1 is a Revolutionary Power Add-On Device that converts virtually any Manual Wheel Chair into a Powered Manual Chair! It is the only Device on the Market that requires No Tools or Assistance to attach and detach from the Device. The occupant in the Manual Chair simply backs onto the Device and attaches to it. Once attached the ZX-1 is under full Power controlled by the Joystick. The Joystick Controlled Device allows for ease of operation and is an intuitive device to learn and operate compared to some of the other available Power Assist Technologies.

The ZX-1 has two powerful 24 Volt Gear Driven Electric Motors that are commonly found on most Large Power Chairs. It has the ability to operate on a variety of surfaces including; gravel, hard pack, rocky terrain, thick grass, etc. This ability sets it apart from other Power Assist Devices that are on the Market. Although the ZX-1 is as strong as most Power Chairs on the Market, it only weighs 82 lbs. and fits underneath the person’s manual wheelchair! In fact, the ZX-1 only adds about 3” in length to a person’s manual wheelchair. Due to its Compact Size and Weight, the ZX-1 is ideal for Airline Travel and for use within homes and spaces with narrow doorways. Due to the fact that the ZX-1 lifts up the rear wheelchair wheels slightly off the ground, it allows the user to remove their Wheelchair wheels inside their homes to reduce the overall width of the Wheelchair by 6”making it much easier to navigate through doorways and furniture.

The ZX-1 has an adjustable range for seat widths from 14” to 20”! It can also adjust to different wheelchair wheel diameters from 24” to 26”. The adjustability of the Device makes ordering easy by Clinicians and Dealers. The adjustability also allows for growth in the patients’ Wheelchair seat width! This is a very important selling point to the Insurance Providers because as a Patient grows, the ZX-1 will adjust to the patient’s new specs without having to purchase an entirely new Device.

The ZX-1 includes an anti-tip safety system which provides for a very stable feeling for the patient and provides for easy transitions over thresholds and curb cuts.

The ZX-1 comes standard with two 12 Volt Lead Gel Mat Batteries that provide for a minimum range of 5 miles based upon an occupant weight of 250lbs.

The ZX-1 is certified for patient weights up to 250 lbs.

The ZX-1 requires very little maintenance. The Stainless Steel Chassis comes with a Lifetime Warranty, and a one year Warranty for All Electrical Components. The only maintenance items required are tires and maintaining adequate tire pressure with the Pneumatic Tires! Both the Joystick and the VRII Controller are supplied by PG Drives which is a commonly found Control System in the Power Wheelchair Industry. Power Wheelchair Technicians and Clinicians are familiar with these components which makes Maintenance and Programming of the Device very easy.



The ZX-1 has been well received by both Healthcare Professionals (ATP’s, PT’s, OT’s) insurance Companies, State DARS Programs, etc.. Its ease of Operation coupled with the small size and lightweight make it ideal for both those people that are in manual wheelchairs looking at Power Options, and those people that are already in Power Chairs that can move back to a Manual Wheelchair and use the Power of the ZX-1 when they require Power.

It is the only Power Assist Device that requires No Tools or Assistance to attach to it. This enables the end user to leave the Power Assist Device behind when they don’t need the Power. Due to it’s small size and weight, it makes airline travel easy with the optional Travel Case and ensures that you can arrive at your destination without the worry of your Power Chair being damaged by the Airline.