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Best for: Durability, contact sports, elite athletes

Need a tough wheel that you can count on? The SLX 24 Spoke wheel is known for
its durability and superior performance. Ready to give and take hits, this wheel is
reinforced with a total count of 24 spokes in our 4mm thick spoke. Built for
aggressive offense and assertive defense.
More info:
Compared to our SPOX wheel models, the SLX models feature thicker spokes
measuring in at 4mm thick. Besides being the most durable on the market, the SLX
24 Spoke is also a responsive, lightweight, quick accelerating and maneuvering
For the cross-laced version of the SLX, check out the XSLX wheels.
Using a 5/8” axle? Look into the compatible SLX R-10 or XSLX R-10 wheels.
Spinergy Sport Wheelchair Wheels
Spokes PBO™ 4mm
Spoke Count 24
Spoke Colors Pink, Green, Orange, Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple
Wheel Size(s) 24" (540), 25" (559), 26" (590), 700c (622)
Spoke Specification Radial Laced with Spinergy patented PBO FIBER spokes.
Bearing Sizes Stainless steel 1/2" or 12mm Axle Bearing
Wheel Weight 779g/Wheel