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Best for: Speed, low-contact sports, juniors, programs 

Win big with Spinergy’s basic sport wheel that outperforms standard wheels thanks to its 24 PBO fiber spokes. The SPOX Sport wheel is suitable for fast paced sports with minimal or no contact such as wheelchair tennis or junior basketball.  

More info: 

Improve your performance with an upgrade to Spinergy thanks to the game-changing advantages of the SPOX Sport wheel’s 3mm PBO spokes. Compared to steel spokes, you get durability, quick acceleration, and a lighter weight. It’s no secret, Spinergy’s PBO wheels have been on the forefront of sports for over 20 years. 

For the cross-laced version of SPOX, check out the SPOX Sport X-Laced wheels. 

Spokes PBO™ 3mm
Spoke Count 24
Spoke Colors Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue.
Spinergy Handrim Options Silver Aluminum, Black Vinyl Coated.
Wheel Size(s) 24", 25", 26", 700c.
Spoke Specification Radial Laced with Spinergy patented PBO FIBER spokes.
Bearing Sizes Stainless steel 1/2" or 12mm Axle Bearing
Wheel Weight 739g/Wheel