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Best for: Ergonomic, integrated handrim, all-purpose, daily use

Spinergy Flexrim XLX is the only product of its kind on the market. This model features the XLX wheel, a cross-laced upgrade to Spinergy’s popular 12 spoke LX wheel and includes a built-in handrim. A layer of urethane material bonds the handrim directly to the side of the wheel rim, which provides an ergo shape that is easy to grab and less stressful to your hands to propel.

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The compliant section of urethane allows the integrated pushrim to flex inward. The advantage is that you’ll have an extra inch of play when squeezing through tight doorways. Enjoy the added benefit of rolling with clean hands thanks to the ability to push your wheel without ever touching the tire. Wheelchair users appreciate Flexrims for the comfortable grip that can be achieved: the ergonomic shape of the urethane conforms to fit the hand.
Spinergy Wheelchair Wheels


Spokes PBO™ 4mm
Spoke Count 12
Spoke Colors Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Purple. 
Wheel Size(s) 24" (540), 25" (559)
Spoke Specification X-Laced/Radial Hybrid Design laced with Spinergy patented PBO FIBER spokes.
Bearing Sizes Stainless steel 1/2" or 12mm Axle Bearing
Wheel Weight 658g/Wheel